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Company Description Our Mission â– To ensure patient rights are protected and respected. â– To improve the quality of medical services consistent with technological and systems development. â– To seek out the medical needs of the community we serve and to meet those needs in a timely and cost effective manner. â– To protect our environment in every task we undertake. â– To communicate the positive and effective role played by Fishermen's Community Hospital in our community. â– To perform our mission at the highest level of ethical expectations. Our Vision Our Values â– Respect for our patients, our partners, and each other â– Honesty as a conviction we hold so that we perform with the highest ethical standards. â– Competence and efficiency of our personnel and staff that is visible in their professionalism and skills. â– Caring and concerns for patients and families that rely upon us. â– Teamwork in decision-making and process improvement that creates a true customer focus. â– Growth and achievement which is based on performance without regard to religion, race, sex, age, or handicap. Since the first patient was admitted, the hospital has grown tremendously in size and services rendered to the community. In March of 1973, the hospital opened the West Wing, expanding the bed capacity to a 74-bed health care facility. The closing of the East Wing in 1984, changed the bed capacity to its present day total of 58. Six of the beds are ICU beds with the latest monitoring equipment. Telemetry capabilities are available at all beds in the West Wing. Job Description FISHERMENâ S COMMUNITY HOSPITAL MARATHON , FL 33050 JOB DESCRIPTION JOB TITLE: Ultrasound Echocardiography Technologist JOB PURPOSE: JOB RELATIONSHIPS: A. Responsible to the Radiology Manager B. Supervises no other employees C. Inter with ancillary departments are essential. ESSENTIAL JOB FUNCTIONS: 1. Carries out ultrasound exams according to policy while 1:3 Shows ability and initiative to modify exams when unable to do standard procedure to obtain diagnostic study. 1:4 Prepares patient for additional procedures involving ultrasound exams when unable to do standard procedure to obtain diagnostic study. 1:5 Utilizes right and left markers properly. 1:7 Assists patients as needed, being mindful of the elderly. 1:8 Keeps patients adequately covered for their comfort and modesty. 1:9 Reassures patients and family members concerning ultrasound exams in a professional and comforting manner. 1:11 Orders supplies and stocks room prudently so as to assist in controlling cost. 1:12 Maintains accurate record of patients and procedures completed; recording any information that could be pertinent to others. 1:13 Maintains current Registry with mandatory continuing education points. 1:14 Pulls call rotation for after hours and weekend procedures. 2. Assists with other procedures in the Radiology Department in a willing and cooperative manner. 2:1 Offers assistance to the radiology secretary as needed in order to expedite patient care. 2:2 Receives radiology phone calls in a courteous and professional manner. 2:3 Performs echocardiography and ultrasound exams in proper sequence according to departmental policy so that one study does not interfere with another, causing undue delay in patient care. 2:4 Instructs patients politely, concerning preps or exams and handles questions in a concerned manner. 2:5 Demonstrates knowledge for verifying patients orders and/or records. 3. Assists the Radiologist and the attending physician as needed. 3:2 Assist attending physician with procedures in a professional and cooperative manner. 3.4 Indicates to radiologist/cardiologist any additional pathology pertaining to ultrasound exam, assuring quality patient care. 4. Adheres to and follows the principles of Fishermenâ s Hospitalâ s Quality Customer Relations Program. 4:3 Creates a supportive climate for customers by allowing customers to express themselves, addressing their concerns as being real, and encouraging two-way communication. 5. Strives to maintain a professional work environment within the department and the hospital by performing other duties as needed or assigned. 5:1 Carries out exams in a professional and timely manner. 5:4 Reports mechanical malfunctions or problems to the Radiology Manager as soon as possible. 5:5 Offers assistance as needed, within the department and ancillary departments, to patients, visitors, or fellow employees. 5:6 Carries out any additional responsibilities as assigned in a cooperative and willing manner. 5:7 Handles daily departmental tasks as needed without direct prompting or supervision. 5:8 Stays abreast of changes through in-service programs. 6:2 Performs sonography skills specific to pediatric patient. Demonstrates commitment to obtaining knowledge of all routine and emergency procedures. 6:3 Demonstrates knowledge of cohort isolation principles in relationship to patientâ s age, disease, and or pathogenic organisms. 6:5 Performs imaging skills specific to adolescent patient. Demonstrates knowledge of routine and emergency care specific to adolescent patient. 6:6 Applies knowledge of age appropriate needs when scanning elderly patient. Addresses concerns of adult and elderly patients according to psychosocial and developmental needs. 6:7 Perfoms imaging skills specific to adult and elderly patient. Demonstrates knowledge of routine and emergency care specific to the adult or elderly patient. MARGINAL JOB FUNCTIONS: 1. Transports patients to and from the Radiology Department in a safe manner. 1:2 Transports patients according to information supplied by requisition. 1:3 Signs patients in and out on log at nursing stations. Communicates with nurse if log is not available. 2. Assists Bio-Medical or equipment representative with repair or adjustments of equipment. 3. Increases departmental staff coverage by cross-training in Radiology. 3:1 Assists Radiologic Technologist in performing diagnostic and fluoroscopic studies when not performing ultrasound exams. QUALIFICATIONS: Education: High school graduate or equivalent required. ARDMS and/or registry eligible as an ultrasonographer. Documentation of Adult Echocradiography training and proficiency. Experience: One year or more experience as an Echocardiographer is preferred. Additional experience in Vascular Ultrsound desired. A working knowledge of the ultrasound equipment is necessary. Additional on the job training will be conducted. CPR certification required. Source: - Free Classified Ads in US on Craigslist